Stainless steel pumps | Bominox | Introduction
Diseño y fabricación de bombas de acero inoxidable destinadas a la industria alimentaria, enológica, química, cosmética y farmacéutica
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Design and manufacture of stainless steel pumps

Headquartered in Girona (Spain) and established in 1978, Bominox specializes in the design and manufacture of stainless steel pumps.

From the very beginning, the company has pioneered the development of new products and solutions that meet the pumping needs of several industries. Bominox provides a product with its own identity that has been designed, developed and tested in our own installations.

During our history Bominox has filed more than 15 patents or utility models based on our innovative techniques.

Quality and flexibility

Our mission is to unite these two characteristics in each of our pumps by combining the highest quality cold-drawn and cold-stamped pieces with precision machining and microfusion techniques. All of our pumps are manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel and we only use components made by the top manufacturers.

All products are verified by our quality control department during the manufacturing process. We have been accredited with ISO 9001:2008, thereby ensuring and guaranteeing our procedures.
Bominox pumps are designed to achieve maximum reliability with minimal maintenance.

In our enthusiastic quest to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we have developed a range of products that adapt to the needs of each application and the specifications of each installation. Furthermore, we offer different technical solutions and can modify and complement the series of models with other materials.

We have an archive which holds details on all of the pumps we have produced, we can even recognise your pump 40 years after its production. The evolutionary design of our products means that replacements are guaranteed and any pump can be replaced without modifying any elements involved in its installation even several years after its production.


At Bominox we base our sales ethic on the formation of a committed, stable relationship with our clients. Over 5000 clients will bear witness to this fact.

We count on a professional, dynamic, well-trained, agile and flexible team that works with cutting-edge technology so they may offer all the technical support and advise you could possible need.
Our expertise means we find solutions to pumping problems and present the simplest and most suitable option for each client’s case.

We are always available to provide you with customised service and offer technical assistance that is both rapid and effective.


International certificates corresponding to both the manufacturing system and the products help to provide our clients with maximum guarantees in terms of reliability.
Bominox pumps comply with the strictest of standards regarding quality, design and cleanliness, while the certificates issued by external bodies help us to fulfil these promises.

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management systems certified by AENOR (Registered Company ER-0426/2002)
  • ATEX directive 94/9/CE – Equipment designed especially for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (Technical File Retention Receipt No. LOM 06ATEX0015 | SOLID-ATEX centrifugal pump)
  • EHEDG Type EL – EEvaluation for compliance with the hygienic equipment design criteria of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (Certificate No. 200706 | LACTIC centrifugal pump)
  • CE mark– The equipment produced complies with the minimum legal and technical requirements in terms of safety in accordance with the applicable European Directives.