Stainless steel pumps | Bominox | RAPIT-SS Sanitary side channel self-priming pump
Diseño y fabricación de bombas de acero inoxidable destinadas a la industria alimentaria, enológica, química, cosmética y farmacéutica
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RAPIT-SS Sanitary side channel self-priming pump

  • Side channel pump for clear liquids, self-priming up to 5 m
  • Body-flange and impeller produced using microfusion techniques
  • Thanks to its tight fit it has a large negative suction power and can operate with liquids which contain air or gases without losing pumping capacity (e.g., CIP return)
  • Symmetrical design, so it is completely reversible
  • Joined with a clamp or screws
  • Single internal mechanical seal
  • DIN 11851 connections (GAS, CLAMP, IDF, SMS, flanges, etc. optional)
  • Different options for technical solutions: inferior drain port, special dimensions, etc.
  • Polished external finish, stainless steel motor shroud and adjustable tripod

Technical specifications

Maximum flow
50 m3/h (800 l/min)
Maximum differential head
6 bar (60 mWC)
0.75 – 15 kW (1 – 20 hp)
-25 – +130 ºC
Maximum viscosity
100 cP
Rotation speed
1450 rpm (50 Hz)
1750 rpm (60 Hz)
AISI 316 (EN 1.4401)
Water, wine, beer, oils, brine, milk, syrups, cleaning solutions (CIP), etc.